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Coloring Story Books for Children

Family history research consumes more of our time now. We want our grandchildren to discover the ennobling characteristics of their Mormon pioneer ancestors. With that goal in mind, I started creating coloring book stories to hand out at our annual family reunions. If the book listed below has a blue boder, it is about Wanless Southwick's ancestors. If it has a red border, it is about Jerrie Lynn Ward's ancestors.

We share these ancestors with thousands of others of their descendants, many of whom gathered parts of the genealogical data used here. Relatives are welcome to use these coloring story books for their own reunions. (You may create links to this website, but please don't put copies of our coloring books on your website.)

You can make your own family history coloring books. See how here.
John&Eliza John White (1836) and Eliza Brown (1847) (PDF 2.70 MB), "A Story of Mormon Trail Romance" (2002)
Reuben&Mary Reuben Fowkes (1842) and Mary Bacon (1842) (PDF 0.60 MB),"ColoringBook" (2004)
Hezekiah&Alley Hezekiah Thatcher (1809) and Alena Kitchen (1808) (PDF 0.95 MB), "From Virginia to California - A Utah Mormon Family's Experience" (2006)
BenoniTemple Jonathan Campbell (1761) and Phoebe Button (1761) (PDF 1.01 MB) "The Jonathan Campbell & Phoebe Button Clan - Early Mormon Converts" (2007)
JamesWanlass James Wanlass (1825) and Margaret Neilson (1821) (PDF 0.69 MB), "James Wanlass (1825-1895) Mystery, Miner, and Mormon." (2008)
JimmyWanlass James Wanlass (1847) and Edith Elizabeth Fowkes (1865) (PDF 1.2 MB), "James (Jimmy) Wanlass who married Edith Elizabeth Fowkes" (2009)  
Samuel Bush Samuel Bush (1821) and Hannah Godbold (1822) (PDF 1.44 MB) "Samuel Bush, Husband of Hannah Godbold" (2010)

William Smith Muir (1822) and Five Wives (PDF 597 KB) "William Smith Muir 1822-1896, Mormon Battalion and Utah Pioneer (2011)


Frederick Charles Bush (1859) and Martha White (1857) (PDF 410 KB) "The Painter and the Party Hostess (2012)



Andrew Jackson Shupe (1815) and Mary Elizabeth Creager (1820) (PDF 1.03 MB) "Mormon Pioneers and Mormon Battalion Member" (2013).


Cover Page Our Nauvoo Ancestors (PDF 1.27 MB) "The Campbells, the Shupes, the Creagers, the Muirs, and the Thatchers; all drawn to Nauvoo, Illinois because of their Mormon faith." (2015).

Catherine Norman (1849) and Samuel Ward (1829) (PDF 1.08 MB) "A time of stability in her life of turmoil" (2016)

GreenSpragueThumbnail Willard Green (1819) and Rosamond Farnum Sprague (1823) "The Puritan and Mormon Pioneer Legacy" (2017)
book cover Elam Hollingsworth (1838) and Martha Mae Keetch (1846) "The Quaker and Mormon-Pioneer Legacy of Elam Hollingsworth and Martha Mae Keetch" (2018)
book cover Nathan Davis (1814) and Sarah Woolley (1815) "The Quaker Ancestry and Mormon Legacy of Nathan Davis and Sarah Woolley" (2019)
book cover Samuel Southwick (1776 - 1846) "The English Family of Our Ancestor Samuel Southwick (1776 - 1846) and His American Posterity" (2020)

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