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An Autobiographical Collection of Observations and Investigations

by J. Wanless Southwick, Ph.D.




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Genealogy and Family History


Many relatives have been active in genealogical and family history research over the years. Their findings have been put on pedigree charts, family group sheets, documenting notes, and life history narratives. We've collected these sources for years and have filing drawers full of paper files, as well as electronic files, and an increasing number of Internet sites,  from which data for this website has been drawn.

Particular acknowledgement for their contributions to our knowledge of ancestors go to:

Alona S. Perkes - for Bush/Wanlass lines

Lesli, Bonnie, and Irvin Wanlass - for Wanlass lines

Neal S. Southwick - for Southwick/Shupe lines

Leon W. Woodfield - for Campbell/White lines

Tressa M.Garrett - for Green/Hollingsworth lines

Maureen H. Ward - for Ward lines

W. Thatcher Shaw - for Thatcher lines

Christina Schaefer - for motivation and consultation

Bob Goodwin - for Campbell family research

Holly Wanless Cochran - for Wanlass/Wanless lines


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