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An Autobiographical Collection of Observations and Investigations

by J. Wanless Southwick, Ph.D.




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Home & Hobby

We enjoy being at home. There is always opportunity to try something new and innovate. Here are some examples:

Food Ideas:

Porridge. For Christmas in 2004, we sent each of our adult children a gift of porridge-making equipment (seed grinder, scales, pastry brush, and wire whips) plus a small amount of food grains and dried fruits. We included this booklet of porridge recipes and historical stories about porridge as food.


That Little Ball of Christmas String. (black and white) In 2013 we sent this original Christmas story to our loved ones, instead of Christmas cards. Some of them tell us they now make it a habit to read this short story about a Christmas vision at Christmas time with their family. At our children's urging, we published it as a color-illustrated storybook in 2020.





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