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The Inventors' Journal

Below is a list of  9 gems of wisdom found in the Inventors' Journal (1974-1976) published by the Intermountain Society of Inventors and Designers in Salt Lake City, Utah. Various experts, related to the field of inventing, were invited to speak to inventors at the Society's monthly meetings. As the first editor of the Inventors' Journal, I tried to summarize helpful information given to the Society's inventors. Click here to see the Inventors' Journal (PDF 2.09 MB). Use the PDF "bookmarks" to quickly find these articles.

1. Beware of Inventor Assistance Organizations

     (Vol. 1  No. 1, page 2) and (Vol. 1  No. 5, page 2)

2. Different Ways to Protect your Ideas

     (Vol. 1  No. 6, pages 1 - 2)

3. The Disclosure Document Program

     (Vol. 1  No. 2, page 1)

     also see current program at  U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

4. How to Evaluate your Invention

     (Vol. 2  No. 2, pages 1 - 2)

5. How to Graphically Illustrate your Invention

     (Vol. 1  No. 5, page 1)

6. How to get Financial Help (Business Prospectus)

      (Vol. 1  No. 4, pages 1 - 2)

7. Making a Cash Flow Projection

      (Vol. 1  No. 7, pages 1 - 2)

8. Marketing Advice

     (Vol. 1  No. 3, page 1)

9. The Challenge of the Market Place

      (Vol. 2 No. 6, page 1)

Learn more about this unique inventors organization by clicking on this link: Intermountain Society of Inventors and Designers.

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