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James Wanlass 1825 Family Histories

1. James Wanlass Mystery blog. Use this link to view the latest research and blog comments about James Wanlass, the miner (1825-1895). Who were his parents? Clues from DNA research.

2. Coloring Storybook entitled, James Wanlass (1825-1895) Mystery, Miner, and Mormon -The story of James Wanlass and Margaret Neilson. by J. Wanless Southwick. 2008. 16 pages. (PDF 0.69 MB)

3. James Wanlass, a "Foundling" in 1825, by J. Wanless Southwick. A survey on newspaper articles in The Scotsman for the years near when James Wanlass was born. (PDF 25.5 KB)

4. William Wanlass was NOT James Wanlass's Father. Documentation showing why William Wanlass could not be our James's father, by J. Wanless Southwick citing census data and research.

5. DNA Report of 37 Y-chromosome markers, showing a probability of about 80%  for a shared common ancestor for a male descendant of the miner James Wanlass (1925-1895) and a male descendant of the baker James Wanless (1827-1877) within 6 or 7 generations. That is about what we would expect if James the miner and James the baker were cousins. (PDF 9.0 KB)

6. PAF Notes on James Wanlass 1825, by Alona Southwick Perkes.

7. PAF Source Information on James Wanlass 1825 by Alona Southwick Perkes.

8. A Chronology of the James Wanlass and Margaret Neilson Family. Dates and sources described by Alona S. Perkes. 2013. 11 pages. (PDF 353 KB)

9. LDS Conversion Story





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