Conversion Story:

James Wanlass became a lay minister in one of the Nearkirt churches thereabout until he heard the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints doctrine preached, recognized the truth and was baptized and confirmed a member of the Tranent Branch of that church, Dec. 22nd 1850, by William Duncan (#026,585, #026,585, #415,456, #1,750,723)

LDS Church Ward/Branch Records, 104149 Early to 1868 LDS Bathgate Branch Records, pg 67, 68.

"James Wanlass, Senr: Born, 25.9.1825, Edinburgh; Kingdom, Scotland, miner, Baptized, 22.12.1850 Remarks: 35 Bathville Rows, Near Armadale, Lintlithgow Shire, Scotland

...Margret Wanlass born 1.1822, Haddington, Scotland, wife, baptized: 15.2.1851


LDS Church Ward/Branch Records, 026585, Record of Members 1877-1900 Salt Lake City 16th Ward, Book A, page 4, line 2.

"James Wanlass

Parents: blank

Birth: Sept. 25, 1825, Scotland

Baptized: Dec. 22, 1850 by Wm Duncan

Confirmed: Dec. 22, 1850 by Wm Duncan

Rebaptized: Dec. 3, 1874 by P Reed/Reid

ReConf: Dec. 3, 1874 by L. Jackson

Ordinance: Aug. 24, 1857 - Teacher

Received: Dec. 3, 1874 from Scotland."



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