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James Wanlass 1846 Family Histories

1. A detailed chronology entitled: James Wanlass 1846-1921 & Edith Elizabeth Fowkes Wanlass 1865-1949. This 2013 version by Alona S. Perkes, is a history of James, Edith, and their children through 1949. Contains many photos in its 42 pages. (PDF 2.74 MB)

2. Coloring Book history entitled: James (Jimmy) Wanlass who married Edith Elizabeth Fowkes Coloring Book. 2009. by J. Wanless Southwick. 15 pages. (PDF 1.23 MB)

3. James Wanlass (1846) burial site in Victor, Idaho. PDF slide show shows how to get there and has photos of James Wanlass (1846-1921) and Edith Elizabeth Fowkes (1864-1949) grave markers. It also shows photos of them and gives a little of their history. (PDF 2.43 MB)

4. James Wanlass (1846) "Polygamist." This is a one page explanation of James Wanlass's LDS temple sealings to four sisters of the Stacey family. It also gives clues to confusion within New Family Search which at times links Joseph Bamford and his father Robert Bamford into the James Wanlass family. Joseph Bamford was the father of Ellen Stacey's four children. Ellen Stacey and her three sisters were sealed to James Wanlass long after the four women were dead. (PDF 14.0 KB)

5. A 1977 audio recording of Margaret Wanlass Schmith (James Wanlass's daughter) telling the story of how James Wanlass became sealed to four Stacey women who were sisters. (MPG 2.07 MB)

6. James (Jimmy) Wanlass and Edith Elizabeth Fowkes: Their Church Devotion and Temple Worship. This five page document was assembled by their great grandson. It describes the importance that James and Edith placed on their religious faith and their membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (JPG 0.35 MB)

7. A 1977 audio recording of Edith Elizabeth Wanlass Bush (James Wanless's daughter) recalling that his community considered James Wanlass's word to be as good as a "gold bond." (MPG 0.17 MB)

8. LDS Family Record Book - a contemporary record of the James Wanlass (1846) family, showing each individual's vital information including births, marriages, deaths, and Church ordinances. Hand written by family members. Includes 41 pages (blank pages not copied into this file). Thanks to Alona S. Perkes for preserving it. PDF 7.87 MB




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