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Berlin Posters

The words of this poster's words say, "The longing of all Germans. Open the Gate!" The gate referred to is the Brandenburg Gate located in the center of Berlin, behind the Berlin Wall. This view is from communist East Berlin, looking toward freedom in West Berlin. The very small words at the bottom say: "Indivisible Germany."


This poster says, "We remain together." Families were separated by the Berlin Wall. All some could do was waive to each other across the wall. The small words at the bottom says: "Indivisible Germany."


The main words on this blue poster say, "The Wall Must Go! Freedom - Unity for all of Germany." It announces seminars and workshops and gives a phone number for more information.


At the top of this poster it says, "Think about your loved ones on the other side of the Wall." Across the middle it says, "Freedom wins over Walls." The words in black say, "We demonstrate for undivided freedom." It gives the date and place for the demonstration. The  separation of families was a very poignant reality for many Berliners.


This poster announces a photographic documentary called "THE WALL." It was a "standing exhibit" at the America House in Berlin. The photo is of an East Berlin mason building the wall.


This poster declares, "Don't ride on the S-BAHN" (the above ground passenger rail system, which still operated in West Berlin). The reason? "Because you will be paying for Ulbrict's barbed wire!" Walter Ulbricht (1893 1973) was the communist leader of East Germany, upon whom West Berliners placed much of the blame for erection of the Berlin Wall. The S-BAHN was owned and operated by communist East Berlin. By contrast, the U-BAHN (underground passenger rail system) was owned and operated by free West Berlin.

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