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This Website's Purpose:

The purpose of this website is to share information gleaned from a lifetime of research. All of my careers included study and research. In addition, my natural curiosity kept me busy observing and investigating whatever I encountered. Over the years, my personal files and notebooks accumulated many observations and insights. Sometimes publications (PDF 0.02 MB) resulted. Often the research and pondering remained obscure. By posting obscure documents on this website, I intend to make them available to whomever may value them.

The main facilitating force behind my research has been my wife and partner, Jerrie. She provided the stable home environment, which became a refuge from perplexity and a place to explore ideas beyond the scope of professional duties. Sometimes she became an active participant in the research. More often, though, she focused on the wellbeing of her family, which included her often-distracted husband and eight energetic children.

If you want to contact us, please use this email address:

or send regular mail to: Southwick Research, L.L.C., 375 South 12th West, Rexburg, Idaho 83440


Note: Much of this website is a "memoir project." It will keep growing as documents and photographs are collected from their various archival "hiding places." Some current pages lack photographs and other embellishments that are planned.

Most documents offered on this website are in Adobe PDF format. Each document usually has "bookmarks"  to help you quickly explore the contents. You may also find Adobe Reader's "search tool"  useful in finding certain words in a document, but be aware that my optical character recognition (OCR) software often did a less than perfect job, due to the faintness of some scanned pages.

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