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Finding Time

Download Time Finder sheets (PDF 0.04 MB)

Time management was a significant issue for me as a young professional with a growing family. How could I ever find time to do all that was expected of me? My research into time management lead me to develop a simple strategy, which was very useful for me. I even tried to market the idea.

Sometimes I'm tempted to give up my PDA and go back to the simplicity of that daily little sheet of paper, which served me so well for years.

My "Time Finder System" (PDF 0.30 MB) required a little forethought and some scheduling to find time. Here's the strategy:


1.       Use a “T-sheet” to choose a goal that a needs your time.

2.       On the left side of the "T" make a list of what you need to accomplish that goal.

3.       On the right side of the "T" list possible actions you could take to satisfy each of those needs.


1.       Decide which of the action items you could work on today.

2.       Include those action items in your list of “Today’s Goals” on the little “Time Finder” sheet.

3.       There is a scheduling worksheet on the reverse side of the "Time Finder" sheet. Block out your existing time commitments for today.

4.       Notice where the time gaps are.

5.       Schedule some of “Today’s Goals” into the time gaps.


The very act of scheduling something prepares you psychologically so when the moment for action arrives, you are ready to act! You can also break away by saying, “Sorry, I’ve got to go now. I have an appointment.” You found time!

See the original 1974, tri-fold brochure (PDF 0.30 MB), which describes how the Time Finder System works. You may also download Time Finder sheets (PDF 0.04 MB), which print six equal sized sheets from a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. You need to print on both sides of the paper. Simply cut the printed Time Finder sheets apart to use them.


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