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Pondering the “Same-Sex Marriage” Controversy

Radically different premises usually incite controversy.  For example, proponents of “same-sex marriage” view marriage as a civil right; “I should be free to marry the person of my choice.” That perspective makes perfect sense if the purpose of “marriage” is simply to bestow certain social and legal privileges on a couple’s intimate relationship. By contrast, proponents of traditional marriage have a viewpoint that is rooted in reverence for marriage as license to conceive children. They expect that husband and wife will welcome the offspring of their conjugal embrace, create a family to provide for their children, and rear their posterity into healthy, productive members of society.  

Today’s widespread erotic pollution affects public acceptance of promiscuity. It perverts sexual activity into nothing more than recreational pleasure for couples. It that context, homosexuality is just an alternative “couple’s” preference. Technology also affects the inclination toward fornication. Pills enhance sexual performance. Contraception neutralizes the gametes involved.  Abortion clinics deal with the accident of pregnancy. On the other hand, technology also gives infertile married couples new hope for children through fertility drugs, in-vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, and embryo implantation. These fertility technologies can also be exploited by single persons if they use donor gametes, so it is not surprising that this turbulent mix of erotic pollution and reproductive technologies could warp perspectives about the definition of marriage and even question the necessity of marriage.  

There is something uniquely holy about a newborn snuggled securely to its mother’s breast while being enveloped by its father’s protective embrace. This new family unit received its legitimate right to produce new human life when the bride and groom were granted their marriage license. The “gold standard” for marriage includes total chastity of the man and the woman before marriage and total fidelity in marriage as they care for the offspring of their sexual union. Even though some parents may fall short of the “gold standard” in marriage, their commitment to develop and maintain a stable, loving home for their offspring is true to the essentials of marriage. However, “same-sex marriage” is counterfeit marriage. It diverts marriage away from human reproduction and offspring protection into couple’s gratification. 

New human life deserves protection. The first and best protection comes from the baby’s biological parents and the family created by their marriage. Alternatively, government can issue foster care licenses to empathetic adults who care for children who are not protected by their parents. Foster care and adoptions can have happy outcomes for dispossessed children, but much anguish could be avoided if the child never experienced parental irresponsibility in the first place. Our society will do well to applaud all who, by their charitable outreach and human care-giving, bless the lives of those who are drawn into their sphere of influence. This especially applies to child care and the families who nurture our next generation.

J. Wanless Southwick

January 27, 2009

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