Conversion Story:

"When William Bacon joined the church, his people disinherited him. He was poorly, he had Asthma" ( Edith Elizabeth Fowkes Wanlass)

LDS Church Ward/Branch Records, 087016 Loughborough Branch Record of Members 1846-1852 Lib #393.

"Wm Bacon, Born Loughbor, AllSaints parish, Leicester, England, Sept. 1810,

Baptised Leicester, England by J. Perry, No 29th /49.

Confirmed Nov 29th /49 by Thomas Stevenson


LDS Church Ward/Branch Records, 087010 LDS Loughbugh Branch Record of Members 1843-1894 Part 393.

"Page 58 #9 Caroline Bacon

Born Loughbrough, AllSaints, Leicester, England, May 27, 1820

Baptized Loughbourgh, Leicester, by J. Wheeler Feb. 24 1850

Confirmed Feb. 24th, 1850 by S. Mee."


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