Southwick Research

An Autobiographical Collection of Observations and Investigations

by J. Wanless Southwick, Ph.D.




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Berlin Wall, Germany
Education Technology
Environmental Health
Military Entomology
Seashore Isopod




William Isaac Southwick Family Histories

1. William Isaac Southwick and Mary Louise Campbell Southwick, 57 pages with photographs compiled by Alona Southwick Perkes, 1999 & 2013 (PDF 23.27 MB)

2. Chapter 18 - William Isaac Southwick by his son Raymond Southwick. In book: "The English Ancestry and American Posterity of Joseph Southwick 1703-1980, by Neal S. Southwick and J. Wanless Southwick, 1981, Ricks College Press, Rexburg, Idaho, pp245 - 260. (PDF 1.72 MB)

3. Narrative from the 1995 Warren Campbell Family Reunion: Mary Louise Campbell Southwick 1885-1958.

4. Personal history of Birdie Josephine Davis Southwick, William I. Southwick's 4th wife, by Eunice Stoker Southwick, 1981. 3 Pages. (PDF 32 KB)



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