Conversion Story:

Peter Shupe's wife, Sarah Wright, appears to be the first of her family to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Wythe County, Virginia in 1839 when she was about 46 years old. Her family was affected by her conviction and sincerity. Her husband, Peter, joined the Church two years later, when he was about 49 years old. Children, including Andrew Jackson Shupe also joined the Church. They were part of the "Little Nauvoo" Branch of the Church in Wythe County, Virginia. They moved to Nauvoo, Illinois in 1843 to be with the Latter-day Saints who were gathering there. Only nine months after their arrival, the Prophet Joseph Smith was martyred. They operated a family blacksmith shop in Nauvoo to help build the many covered wagons that would be needed for the trek west. When they got near Council Bluffs, Iowa, their sons Andrew Jackson Shupe and James Wright Shupe joined the Mormon Battalion. Peter and Sarah stayed behind, living in a covered wagon. After only a few months, both Peter and Sarah died and were buried along side the Mormon Trail, near Council Bluffs, Iowa.


PAF documentation notes and sources:

Sarah Wright Shupe was converted to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Wythe County, Virginia after she was forty-six years old (in 1839). Her conviction and sincerity converted her husband, Peter Shupe, who was baptized two years later, in 1841.

They were part of the Little Nauvoo Branch, Wythe Co., Virginia, 1842. It was their deep desire to be with the members and the headquarters of the church, which was in Nauvoo, Illinois.

They were members of the Little Nauvoo Branch, Wythe Co., Virginia, 11 Sep 1842. 31 members, part of the Burke's Garden, Tazewell County conference. 26 Aug 1843, George M. Tibbs, clerk; Michael Creager; Barbara Creager; Isaac Creager; Catherine Creager; Andrew J. Shupe; Elizabeth Shupe; William E. Higginbotham; Louisa Higginbotham. (So. States Ms. 11 Sep 1842: COR:7, 108).

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