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Solomon Campbell Family Histories

from the 1995 Warren Campbell Family Reunion

  1. Solomon Campbell - A Brief Sketch

  2. Lavina Campbell - A Brief Sketch

  3. Families of North Ogden, Utah at the turn of the 1900 Century by Nephi James Brown

  4. Family History Coloring Book (PDF 1.01 MB) The Jonathan Campbell & Phoebe Button Clan - Early Mormon Converts (2007)
  5. A history, simply entitled Solomon Leonard Campbell 1825-1903& Lovina Campbell Campbell 1828-1903, by Alona Perkes, 2011. 23 pages. (PDF 799 KB) This fully documented history is the complex story of the Campbell family's involvement with a new religion. The Church history and United States history are interwoven to shed light on Campbell's struggle for survival during those early pioneering years and the successful settlement of their family in Utah.


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